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Chica Michelle. Birthday Note.

Birthday Reflection.

Chica Michelle - Singer.Songwriter .Author @ Chica Michelle Blog.

The truth about me is that life has not always been easy. Whose life has ? You may with a look at that picture think that I have it all. But I went through way more than you know before getting to this point. Like many I have been hurt, like many more I have fallen down , but every single time, I stood right up with the desire and determination to keep going. My life is not perfect but it is mine and I will not trade it for the world.

When I look at myself, I feel compelled to scream with joy at the marvellous abilities am blessed with. But yet, it saddens me at times when I fail to see it. 

Life is such a gift, we need to find out why it’s given. 

Today I reflect as well as embrace the blessings that surrounds me like air. Those am aware of and those that totally eludes me.

I guess what am trying to say is this, dear God I am thankful and grateful for staying with me this long. I need you for the rest of my journey.  My prayer is to enjoy life and love more.

Thank you to all my followers on my different social media platforms for the birthday wishes. May God bless you all.

Love xxx

Chica Michelle