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Miss Nigeria International 2018

Chica Michelle Blog is proud to partner with Vanessa Ekeke, former Miss Commonwealth 2002, Founder and Executive Producer of Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2018 in the United States of America..

Miss Nigeria International Contestant.

1. It’s a wonderful initiative you are creating for young Nigerian women,in America what inspired that ?

I am a product of Pageantry myself: 1st Runner Up Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 1999 and Winner of Miss Commonwealth Nigeria 2002. I also represented Nigeria at the Miss Earth beauty Pageant in the Philippines in the same year. I was overwhelmed by the opportunities that these experiences and achievements brought me and have been nursing the ambition to one day give back to the community

2. Can you share your experience setting this initiative up ?

The vision to host Miss Nigeria International was born in 2015 and the company was registered and incorporated in the the same year. The preparation process has taken a lot of time, organization, networking and planning to get to this stage. One thing I have learned during this time is that “In Consistency lies the Power” You cannot quit, once you are in, you remain resolute till the very end. Showbiz is for the brave and demands you have a lion heart. I was a very private person prio to now ,but I have learned to be more open because I realized that to be successful in showbiz, you have to be a people person and also be extremely tolerant and accepting of others because you will run into all sorts of people.

Vanessa Ekeke - Founder & Executive Producer of Miss Nigeria International Pageant,

3. What experience will people expect from the Miss Nigeria International event ?

The Miss Nigeria International is poised to become the biggest, the brightest and the best Nigerian event in the United States. It promises to be a cultural, diversity fashion and networking hub uniting people of all races under the umbrella of Pageantry. There will be different performances at the event ranging from Belly dancers, violinist, vocalists, dancers, and Fashion shows. It will be a night to remember.

Miss Nigeria International 2018 USA

4. Will Miss Nigeria International include the swimwear segment ?

This year’s edition will have the swim wear segment at the contestants demand. We offered them the opportunity of wearing something else other than a bikini or a one piece swimwear, something like a little skirt but they unanimously decided it was okay with them to parade in swimwear.

5. What are the incentives for the prospective winner?

The winner will receive $5000 in cash and gifts and the opportunity to represent Nigeria at Miss International in Virginia USA, and a weekend trip to Las Vegas

7. Where and when is the event taking place ?

The event is scheduled to hold in Minneapolis Minnesota at the Hopkins Center for Arts on the 27th of October 2018, from 6:00 pm-10:00 pm

Vanessa Ekeke

7. Who is your greatest motivator?

I have been inspired by a lot of people from different walks of life, who in spite of all defied their circumstances to achieve success. A perfect example is my friend Godwin Nnamah who was trapped on dialysis for almost 10 years yet maintained a vibrant and positive countenance encouraging people to look on the brighter side of life. Today he is the recipient of a kidney transplant and has got his life back. This is a guy who had every reason to quit yet remained positive. Every time I look at him, I tell myself I have no excuse.

Miss Nigeria International 2018 Contestant