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Miss Nigeria International USA 2019

Preview into the 2nd annual Miss Nigeria International (MNI) USA beauty pageant event.

Chica Michelle Blog is extremely excited to be part of the 2nd annual MNI event. Lady Vanessa Ekeke enlightens us on the current status of events in the MNI House.

How is the current queen preparing for the handover?

Our gorgeous Queen Akpokiniovo Eyafe is excited to hand over to her successor and continue the next chapter of her journey. She is prepared mentally and physically to finish strong and mentor her very first successor. How many judges are we looking forward to seeing this year?

There will be a total of 5 Judges namely: Chinyere Onwuchekwa, The Only Nigerian Judge on the panel and New York-based Novelist and Author of Dictatates of The Heart, Beverly Jecty: Ghana-based Ex-Beauty Queen, Cabin Crew and Philanthropist, Joy Mosley: African American Virginia based Writer and Certified Etiquette Consultant, Kim Dean Dean: Minnesota based CareGiver and Ex-Beauty Queen, and Dekontee Kofa, Liberian Minnesota based Founder of Miss Liberia Minnesota and The Kofa Foundation How many contestants should we be meeting this year?

There will be a total of 8 contestants for the 2019 annual Miss Nigeria International Competition. 6 of our contestant had to roll over tot he 3rd edition as a result of academics and personal reasons Please remind the readers again the reason why they cannot afford to miss the MNI beauty pageant event.

Miss Nigeria International aims to be the biggest, the brightest and the best Nigerian Pageant in the diaspora. At MNI Quality which is at the core of our values is never compromised. The Miss Nigeria International (MNI) is more than just a pageant, Its a platform for the discovery of talents and hidden potentials

Last year on MNI 2018

Any sponsors you would like to thank for their support?

I am especially grateful to the Chica Michelle Blog, Utterladyness Clothes and Accessories, Gorgeous You Magazine, Alveo Digital, Fundamentals of Joy, The Kofa Foundation, BCS African Food, and EZ Food Market