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My Afghan Diary by Arzu Qaderi.

Arzu Qaderi

‘My Afghan Diary

'My Afghan Diary' is a documentary which explores female empowerment. Arzu Qaderi returns to Afghanistan for the first time since childhood for confidential and controversial interviews with women. These stories are sure to inspire with their strength of spirit.

Please fill us in on the latest on your most talked about documentary trailer you released few months ago.

I released the trailer of my first own debut documentary ‘My Afghan Diary’ in September this year. I am very humbled by the response so far and honoured that the Prime Minister Theresa May has awarded a letter of congratulation to the trailer; which shows that we, as women, are heading in the right direction.

Obviously, your journey to Afghanistan wouldn’t have been an easy one, how were you able to reach your audience.

As most of us know, Afghanistan is a war-torn country and filming is banned, let alone providing a platform for women to find their voices again - hence I faced many obstacles. However, I was determined to make this passion project a reality but had to ensure my own safety by keeping it to myself during my trip in Kabul. And having lived in different countries and filming my documentary, I have noticed that we women share the same essential values. We try to balance all areas of life, both family and career, even when the outside world is in disharmony. I learnt through the interviews that these women pursue their dreams with equal passion as we do in the western world, but I wondered, how do they keep their dreams alive? What motivates them to wake up every morning, to go to the local theatre and rehearse despite the suffering Afghanistan has been consumed with for over a decade? Determination, discipline and above all else: passion. When we have a dream, you cannot afford to think about ‘what could be’, but you see that dream in front of you every morning.

When are you releasing the full documentary?

I will hopefully be releasing the full documentary in the new year, so do look out for some exciting upcoming news on my social media accounts!

What do you intend to achieve with this documentary?

My passion for women has sparked this documentary, and I feel it has the power to ignite this same spark within women worldwide, to inspire them to achieve their dreams despite the daily challenges we face and to leave behind a legacy for future generations of girls!

My Afghan Diary