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Spotlight on BeDazzled Events Company.

Meet Marian Ebe, the CEO of BeDazzled Events Company Nigeria.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Marian Ebe, the creative Lead at Be-Dazzled Events..

A graduate of Microbiology from the University of Ibadan who also holds an Advanced Certificate in Project Management from the University of Lagos and PGD in International Relations.An MBA from the Metropolitan School of Business Management,UK also an Alumnus of City University London and Institute of Wedding and Design,Global.I am a chartered member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) and a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner.

I am an ex beauty queen and model who has graced the faces of several billboards and TV screens as well as strutted the runways of famous Nigerian and indeed African designers.

A lover of good music and a soulful dancer,I love to travel,plan and design events and event venues.I find time doing work for charity.Reading and cooking is also on my list of hobbies.I am married with 3 adorable kids.

Tell us how your event company started and what inspired you?

My event company started about 8 years ago and it wasn’t by accident. It was thoroughly thought through …..turning my passion to profit. While I was having kids I was equipping myself for entrepreneurship.Preparing for such a time like this when I’d be providing various events solutions.This led to the birth of BE-DAZZLED EVENTS COMPANY,a one stop events planning/styling and rental outfit. Meeting the pain points of my clients is very vital and I didn’t and haven’t spared myself since then in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to deliver. I got inspired at an event I attended years back.The venue decor was magnificent,I was totally blown away but there were loopholes in the planning and coordination. That was when I conceived the idea of starting an event design and planning company .My involvement and the joy I derive from planning and executing events in my teenage and youthful years as well as putting things in place nicely,is something I always look forward to do

What were the challenges you encountered?

The major challenge was booking clients.I used to go pitch at companies but no one would hire me just because I didn’t have any job or major brands in my portfolio no one was ready to hand their money to just any fry in the sea. (L.O.L) They were not confident to try out a fresh Event planner/stylist with no client base.

My greatest accomplishment would be how well I have built the brand over the years,even in the midst of competition in a super saturated industry.We are well and deeply rooted with tentacles spreading as wide as the international environment.

Just this year,we launched our Events Academy where aspiring event planners and designers can garner knowledge and skills required to be a successful Event Professional.

So with every new event comes a new experience.We always try to make it work,no matter the complexity.Passion alone is enough to simplify the most complex idea

Impossible is nothing.

So with every new event comes a new experience.We always try to make it work,no matter the complexity.Passion alone is enough to simplify the most complex idea Impossible is nothing.

How would you encourage aspiring event organisers to start off? In encouraging aspiring event organisers:Be involved in local event around you church relative’s birthday,wedding,etc. If you are passionate about this,volunteer or intern with a credible event company. Network too.Attend relevant training to acquire the right skill clear on which area of the event profession you want to be. At the end of these and when business starts,be more about finding solutions to your client’s event problems,not so much for the money.The money will come eventually because your work will speak for you. Be an Event Professional of immense value.

Please share your latest project? We were privileged to be the Event coordinator and designer for the very 1st Miss Nigeria International (M.N.I) held in Minnesota.We flew in from Nigeria and the event was a huge success. On getting back home,we delved right into another project which was also the very 1st Metro Woman Women Entrepreneurship event,a mentor ship,collaboration and networking event.This will be holding every year by God’s grace.

Where is your favourite place to visit? Aruba Island… its such a beauty to behold. Do you have a personal or favourite quote?

My personal favourite is ''Strive not to be of success but rather to be of value,only then can you be successful''