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Spotlight on Eldé

Updated: Sep 22, 2019


Please introduce yourself.

My name is Eldé, a singer/songwriter from West London.

Tell us how your music career started and what inspired you?

I started singing from the age of 14. I attended full time stage school, but then decided to take things seriously when I turned 16. I started to experiment and eventually found my sound.

What were the challenges you encountered?

The knock backs! The knock backs have definitely been the hardest so far, I'd been scouted for The X Factor like 6 times and The Voice UK twice, and still didn't end up on your screens. At first I thought it was me, as you would I thought I wasn't good enough until I came to terms with the fact that everything has its own timing. 

What has been your greatest accomplishment as an artist and a performer?

My Greatest Accomplishment so far would definitely have to be my latest EP Metaphoric state of mind vol 1.

Making a song is not easy project. How do you deal with the complexity of music creation?

I feel a vibration, my ideas stem from a certain frequency/ mood that I am experiencing that day and I guess the magic happens from there on. 

How do you encourage aspiring artists?

Keep going! If I told you can't just remember you will!. It's all about focus and you've got this.

Please can you share your latest projects?

Metaphoric state of mind vol 1 is out now on all digital platforms! Vol 2 will be out the end of the year/ Jan. I'm trying to make it perfect for my fans.

What is your favourite place to visit?

I love the US I love to visit there. They like me there too haha!

Do you have a personal or favourite quote?

I don't have a favourite quote, I write so much I have a new favourite everyday. But I'll leave you with this one. ' Carry everything you know, moving on' It's from my song energies.