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Spotlight on Isabella Uzodike

An exclusive interview with the multi award winning gospel singer and songwriter.

Who is Isabella Uzodike ?

I’m a lover of Jesus Christ, a wife, mother, Pastor and Gospel recording artist. I am originally Nigerian but I’m based in the UK with my family. I’ve been married for 23 years and I’ve been in ministry for 22 years, although I only started recording my songs nine years ago in 2009. By the grace of God, I have released 8 studio albums with more than a hundred songs. I love to worship.

How did your journey in the music ministry start?

I have always written stories and songs ever since I was young. I love reading, writing and singing as well so it has always been part of me. I come from a musical family so I have always been around music.

When I became born again, even without any experience of doing music professionally, the Lord gave me a vision for the music ministry (worship). I started doing music professionally because it is a call. I simply said Yes to the call of God upon my life and so He is the one taking me on this journey one step at a time. I am basically being trained on the job and I am learning so much along the way.

When was your first big break in Nigeria Gospel music industry ?

I’m not sure I can genuinely say I’ve got a big break in Nigeria YET. But the time is coming! I believe the first time my music got introduced properly to the Nigerian audience was when I released my second album, My Tori Don Change in 2012. With the second album, we were quite strategic in raising awareness amongst the Nigerian communities everywhere and we achieved our goal. Obviously there is still much work to be done but I am grateful for how far the Lord has brought me.

What were your challenges ?

As with every Gospel artiste, one of the challenges is the financial demands of ministry. Because Gospel artistes and music are not (and should not be) driven by commercial gain, often times there’s a huge amount of financial sacrifice involved. It is always a challenge to strike the balance between being a non-profit charity and being a profit-making business. Whilst ministry is not driven by money, ministry needs money to run. An average gospel artist does not make profit from album sales and so for most people, that’s one of the most challenging aspects of music ministry.

Also, at the time I started, part of my challenge was balancing ministry and family because my children were much younger then but thank God for my very supportive husband and all the great people God has surrounded me with.

Do you have any upcoming projects to share on CMB?

I released two projects (two albums containing twenty three sons) in November last year so they’re still fairly recent. I will be releasing some new videos shortly.

You have received many awards and recognition tell me about them?

I don’t keep track of the awards and recognition to be very honest with you. I hold on to them very loosely. I am very appreciative of them when they do come because they’re an indication that my music is a blessing to people out there but I don’t dwell on them. Let’s just say I have a cabinet at home where we keep the awards and the cabinet doesn’t have much room left. That doesn’t mean that more awards are not welcome. It simply means I need a bigger cabinet! :)

What is your favourite cuisine and fashion style ?

I love Nigerian food. I have travelled widely and I still travel quite a lot but wherever I go, I always find a way to sniff out Nigerian food joints!  I love Nigerian food (repeated for emphasis ) As per fashion, I love to dress in clothes that sit well on me. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not necessarily trendy. I don’t go with fashion trends. If the trend doesn’t fit with my body shape, you won’t catch me in it. Fortunately, I am blessed with a sister who is an amazing fashion designer so I don’t have to worry about fashion. My sister, Who is the CEO of Loisonell Couture, makes the choices for me and I just wear whatever she makes for me. And 100% of the time, she gets it right cos she knows me more than anyone else.

Isabella - Jesus I Lift You Higher (Official Music Video )

Where is your best place in the world?

I don’t have a favourite location but I have favourite people so my best place in the world is anywhere I am with my husband and children. 

The other best place in the world for me is the place of worship and I’m not talking about a building or church. The place of worship where the tangible presence of God is made manifest in a real way. Oh! Nothing beats time with the Holy Spirit for me, whether in the privacy of my prayer closet or in a gathering with others. 

Please share your personal quote or your favourite one.

“Loving is living”. It is such a simple phrase but it is so profound for me. The love I’m talking about here is not a feeling but a lifestyle: the love that springs from deep within the spirit, saturates the mind and manifests through our daily choices, attitudes and actions. 

God is love and when we love, we are alive in God. Can you imagine what our world would be like if all our thoughts and actions were motivated by loving intentions?

Isabella - Jesus Is Here ( Official Music Video)

On that lovely note, I will say thank to Isabella for being part of the CMB Feature. I wish her the best in all her endeavours.

Thank you my dear reader and please visit next Sunday for another interesting CMB post.

Love xx

Chica Michelle