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Spotlight on James Kennedy.

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

An exclusive interview with James Kennedy. Songwriter/Producer/Performer | Owner of Konic Records | In the band Kyshera.

James Kennedy

Who is James Kennedy ? I am a Singer Songwriter, producer, front man of the Alt Rock band Kyshera and owner of the Record Label Konic Records. I'm from South Wales. When did your career in music start ? Wow, ages ago! I started gigging in clubs when I was 15, so I've been doing this a while now! However, it only started becoming my 'career' this past few years. During my time coming up as a musician the industry has gone through a historic transformation and when I made my 1st demo I was getting offers from Sony and several other major labels but then the industry crashed and nobody really knew what the new model was for many years. So since then I've been signed with all sorts of dodgy labels and managers and have actually had to sue several of them in order to get any money - as a result, I've realised that until further notice, I'm better off releasing my work by myself. Thankfully the new model of the music industry allows artists to do that. 

Who was your greatest influence? Musically I would say Frank Zappa. I'm not a huge fan of his work anymore, I find it a bit too cold, cynical, clever and cocky now but I can't deny the huge impact he had on my younger self. Frank was a genius no doubt and inspired me to learn to produce my own music, push boundaries, understand the business & be sensible and experiment and explore technology and different musical genres. I wouldn't be the artist I am today without his influence. 

Tell us about the struggles of starting out as a singer. All of the struggles of trying to have a career in the music industry stem from the nature of the music industry. It is an incredibly cliquey, arrogant industry run mostly by people who are stuck in the heyday of the 80's and don't really understand how things work anymore in the new age of the internet and social media. They model that the industry still uses is very much that of 'chase the quick buck' rather than investing in long term careers. I have had no resistance at all from the public or the press but when it comes to the industry - from the very bottom up (local promoters, show bookers, managers, agents, labels etc), I've had nothing but painfully frustrating experiences - with a very rare few exceptions. 

You have a huge following on your social media platforms. How do you keep them all engaged ? I try to be as natural as possible, which is difficult when you're communicating with a large group of people but I run all of my social media platforms myself and I do try to respond to Direct Message box as often as possible and I just treat social media like any other form of social interaction. I just be myself (for better or worse sometimes!) and I treat everyone with respect, be personable and try to straddle the line between using it as a promotional platform for my work without spamming people to death by boredom! 

Can you share any project or release with my readers  Sure! My latest album 'Home' would be a good choice. It's an incredibly personal album and it was a Top 50 Best Seller when it came out last year. People can hear it for free on Spotify & Youtube or right here at : https://soundcloud.com/jameskennedyuk/sets/james-kennedy-home Where is your favourite place in the world. My favourite place is Home.

What is your favourite quote or maybe a personal one. There are so many but maybe this one from the legendary Carl Sagan might be apt : "If we seek some cosmic purpose, let us find ourselves a worthy goal".

Please check out James Kennedy's Best Selling new album 'Home' is out now!

https://jameskennedystuff.bandcamp.com/album/home Online : www.jameskennedystuff.com | www.kyshera.com | www.konicrecords.com Follow James on Twitter @JamesKennedyUK

Wishing James Kennedy the very best as he tours around the United Kingdom.

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