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Spotlight on La French Vodka

Chica Michelle Blog interviews one of the fast rising vodka brand in the world from London , Saint-Tropez to Las Vega. La French Vodka is becoming one of the most popular international alcohol brands.

Please Introduce La French Vodka as a brand and product.

La French Vodka is a premium spirit, produced in France. Giving a perfectly smooth finish, it’s made up of a blend of crisp Cognac spring water and the finest French Wheat. Five times distilled, the result is a pure, subtle taste, with vanilla undertones.

The brand is famed for its enchanting bottle which features our “La French Lady” a mysterious figure shown in silhouette. Associated with good times and accessible luxury, La French is seen at the most exclusive clubs, restaurants and events throughout the world.

Tell us how La French Vodka started and what inspired it?

Thanks to a story told long ago, the seeds of the idea for a premium vodka with a story to tell where sown. La French Vodka is the result of a coalition of ambitious entrepreneurs, who were determined to offer to their clientele a prestigious vodka crafted from natural products of high quality.

Lodge Resto Club Plan de Campagne

What were the challenges encountered?

Expanding any brand on a global scale comes with its own challenges. One area which was particularly challenging was ensuring the consistency of La French’s brand message across different global markets. For example, the demands and tastes of Europe will be different to those in the USA. However, we are persistent in ensuring that we never compromise on either our positioning or our taste.

Bagatelle Beach St-Tropez

What has been its greatest accomplishment?

We were absolutely honoured to be a part of the last ever event held at the old location of the iconic Annabel’s in London. The Event was the International Day of the Girl Child which was created to raise awareness of the needs of disadvantaged girls and women around the world.

Promoting any brand is not easy project. How do you deal with the complexity of product development?

Our product is the key to our success, and we have refined our bottle, our processes and our branding to meet the needs of our target consumers. In earlier stages, we undertook a huge amount of market research and consumer testing to ensure that we got everything just right.

Of course, it’s something that we continue to do, and as we expand into more and more territories, and as tastes change, we are constantly evolving, so watch this space!