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Spotlight on Girls-on-Wheels Nigeria.

Meet the founder of this ground breaking company - Girls-On-Wheels -Mrs. Eno Martins Bakare.

Please introduce yourself to the readers.

My name is Mrs. Eno Martins Bakare and I am the founder of Girls-On-Wheels Nigeria a Female Private Drivers service.

What inspired you to launch Girls-On-Wheels?

Firstly, it's to create more opportunities for women in a field they are capable of delivering on. I love driving and there are many women who enjoy driving too.

Secondly, with the increase in child sexual abuse of which I'm a Survivor, it has become a huge challenge and few have full understanding what we must be done as responsible adults to ensure our children are safe.

What were the challenges you faced starting up? The initial challenge was whether G.O.W was going to find women who believed in the idea of private female drivers. But then we took the route of opinion sampling and survey to discover that lots of the women population were very much interested. The reception for Girls-On-Wheels has been mind-blowing. Apart from having an array of women who have a passion for driving and who also love people and desire to make a difference, we are bringing well educated women who want to protect children and want to be part of a positive movement to change Nigeria's Private Driving system. That is also why we have partnered with the number one background check company in Africa! With us, parents now have a choice as to who they want to employ.

Where do you see Girls-On-Wheels in 10 years?

In 10 years time, Girls-On-Wheels will be a truly African brand. We would have taken this movement into other African countries. For me, it's really personal. As a survivor of Child Sexual Abuse at age 6, it too me 30 years to tell my Mother that I was sexually molested under her "watchful eyes". It really broke her heart finding out what I had to deal with all alone at 6. And now more than ever before, with reports of children being molested by the people who are supposed to protect them. Girls-On-Wheels will help provide support to families and reduce exposure of children to vulnerable situations.

What is the company’s tag line and why was it chosen?                                

Our tagline is "Empowering Women and Supporting families"  Because truly this is what it's all about. We have created job opportunities for women in a field they have capacity to deliver on which had been ignored. We are working together with families to eradicate a social and mental problems cause by high rate of child sexual abuse.

Will the company expand to other Nigerian states? Most definitely YES! We already have women applying from outside Lagos and we have them in our data base. We are working on expanding our business model outside Lagos in a few months as God expands our territory.