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Why You Need Adequate Sleep.

We live in world where most people are living dangerously in order to survive or thrive. Some people even brag about being too busy to catch a full seven hours sleep. .Children especially teenagers are growing into adults not knowing the importance of a good sleeping routine.

Poor sleep is common among older adults engaged in long hours of work. Sometimes, school-aged children fall victim to sleep deprivation during the examination period. Social and motor development in newborns and infant can also affect good sleep. Poor sleep later in life increases the risk of adverse health outcomes including weight gain, higher morbidity and mortality, heart disease, anxiety disorders, and depression, falls and accidents, nighttime injury, caregiver burden, impaired cognitive function, decreased daytime functioning and reduced overall quality of life. older adults who report better quality sleep with fewer disruptions are more likely to experience better health outcomes. Encouraging good sleep habits from infancy will help address some of the health implication of sleep deprivation

Extract from Stephanie MacLeoad, Shirley Musich, Sandra Kraemer and Ellen Wicker

https:// sleep deprivationjournal.com/article/S0197-4572(18)30046-6/fulltext

Benefits of Sleep

  • It improves the body's rate of metabolism and restores used energy.

  • The blood supply to the muscle is increased during sleep.

  • Sleep promotes tissue growth and development.

  • Our social, physical and emotional development is enhanced with a good sleeping regimen.

  • It helps regulate the production of ghrelin(hunger hormone) and leptin ( fullness hormone) which is responsible for the over-consumption of food.

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